From zero to hero! 3 useful tips to get started

It’s all about practice. Becoming a BBQ legend requires practice and the right equipment. No one is born with culinary expertise and know-how of how to prepare your setup for a successful barbecue session. Here are some small tips to get started.


Find a grill that suits you.

If you haven’t already gotten yourself a grill there are many choices that prove to serve different purposes. If you are considering on getting a grill that work on gas keep in mind that although it is convenient when it comes to cleanliness, you lose a lot from the traditional smokey flavor that comes with the good old fashioned charcoal operated grills. There are also some barbecue grills that operate as smokers but I am going to get into those in a separate blog post. Size counts! You can either start with a small grill to roast chops, sausages and other parts of meats that are cut down to small manageable pieces, or you can go for a rather big one where you can load up a whole pig or lamb and have a feast with a large number of friends and family.


A grill on its own can’t cook.

Besides the grill you need a number of utensils. A nice pair of tweezers to grab and flip your meat to keep it juicy and avoid burning it. A long fork and a sharp knife are more of use than you think. Knives help you cut your meat in the size of your choice without ruining the texture of the meat and the fork is used in order to handle some types of roast meat. A wire brush is a MUST when you decide to barbecue so that you can clean your grill so you don’t end up consuming rotten and burnt pieces of meat you grilled in previous sessions.


Charcoal as diamonds.

My nightmare!! If you finally decide to use a charcoal barbecue the quality of the charcoal is very and I repeat my self VERY important. You need to find charcoal that has an acceptable size and last for at least 2 hours. It might sound silly but trust me it might ruin your barbecue session. If you find a supplier of good quality charcoal give them a hug and keep buying from them.


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