Getting started!

Light it up.

Let’s start from the basics. How to light your fire when you are ready to grill!! As every form of art, the artist is free to create in his own will. But there some things that you better avoid. Don’t use lighter fluids or other accelerates that contain petroleum or any other harmful substances. This can ruin your health but most importantly the meat that you grill. Prefer using newspaper as it will last a bit underneath the coal. I personally prefer soaking some olive oil in cotton because it has a very slow combustion and will stay lit long enough so the charcoal begin to burn on their own.


When is the fire ready?  

Before you decide to place your meat on the grill you have to make sure your fire is ready. Grilling meat on a fire that is not ready can result to your meat being under cooked, having a “funny” taste because of the fumes of the charcoal, and maybe sometimes lead you throwing away your meat which is a big no-no. The time required for the charcoal to be ready varies depending on a large number of factors. Some of them are the quality of the charcoal, the wind, your barbecue design, what you have used in order to ignite them. In general it takes from 15 to about 40 minutes for your grill to be placed on the fire.

The rule of thumb is that you are ready to barbecue when the charcoal turns white.


Increase your chance to succeed. Choose the right meat to grill.

Traditional bbq requires meat. So choose carefully the meat you grill to avoid turning your barbecue session into a disaster. Avoid getting thick pieces of meat so that you don’t end up leaving the inside raw. An example fork pork steaks is for them to be 2-4 cm thick at maximum. Request from the butcher you buy the meat that he removes the excess fat or if you know how to do it, gear up with your sharp knife and trim it. The reason is that the fat ignites and by removing it you avoid burning the meat you grill. You can grill any type of meat but just remember every piece or type takes its own time to cook properly.


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