Preparation and Seasoning!

This is the part of barbecue that i love the most! Oh the flavors. From a very small age my mother would buy my spices as birthday gifts, because she saw i would get so excited. I am now at the point that i have my own cupboard with various spices and containers that have different kinds of mixes for different purposes: Grilled meat (pork, chicken. lamb, beef, fish), smoked meat, smoked or grilled vegetables.

The preparation process to me is a ritual. They way you handle your meat, your utensils and your grill is for me what distinguishes men from boys. Keeping a clean work space results in maximizing your flavor and ofcourse minimizing health hazards.

When it comes to preparing the meat, seasoning is very important. Through seasoning you achieve flavor and texture. There are different seasonings that result in making your meat softer or juicier, and there are others that form a protective coating around it for slow cooking purposes.

Depending on the seasoning you chose, you leave the meat to marinade in it for some hours. Some meats and seasoning require 1-4 hours and other a day or two in the fridge. After you have chosen the seasoning you prefer, leave your meat outside the fridge to let it set to room temperature and then you are ready to grill!

The seasoning and marinade should consist of three components:

FAT: olive oil, vegetable oil

OXIDANTS: vinegar, wine, lemon and orange juice, kiwi and even milk or yogurt

SPICES: any  fresh or dry herb you like, you can combine as you wish

ATTENTION: we avoid marinading the meat in metal containers because it has low Ph and you cannot use the marinade again unless it is used to cook some kind of sauce.

On the grill now, make sure you clean the grill very well and apply a small amount of oil on it so that the meat doesn’t stick on it. Again depending on your meat you arrange the positioning of the charcoal to achieve greater results. My recommendation is to grill directly over the charcoal when it comes to thin slices of meat such as lamb chops or thin steaks; and indirect cooking by grilling them next to your heat source when it comes to large pieces of meat (to avoid burning the outside before the inside is evenly cooked.


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