Proper way to GRILL

Hot or cold?

As you gain more experience when it comes to barbecue you will discover that sometimes being able to manage the temperature of the charcoal might suit what you have decided to grill, better. Some techniques are: moving the charcoal to the one side of the grill so that on the other side you have a drop in temperature. you can use this method only if you are flipping the meat constantly and changing sides so that you achieve the silver lining between burnt and under cooked. Again the shape and size of your barbecue are to be considered. The more traditional way is to gather up all the surrounding ashes and gently pour them over the charcoal. Be careful though. You might end up over covering them and suffocating the flame they have. You might fail at doing so in the beginning, but without failing the is no learning. And of course you can remove some of the charcoal from the grill so that they generate less heat. Place them in a metal bucket or in a container with dirt so that they burn out. Be careful not to throw them somewhere that can start a fire because if you do, you might end up grilling more than you wished for.


Avoid opening the barbecue lid more than you have to.

I fully understand that at some point you will want to check your progress. And i also understand that you will be drooling waiting to taste what is on the grill. IT’S A TRAP!! by lifting the lid you end up losing heat moisture and that smokey flavor I would wear if it came out as perfume. Your meat will become dry and hard to chew and all that preparation and waiting will lead you to eventually ordering a proper meal to satisfy your expectations. If you open your lid only once just to flip the meat, the heat, the smoke and ofcourse time will reward you. The way to know when your meat on the grill is ready is through trial and error (experience) or by using a food thermometer.


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