7 Common barbecue mistakes

  1. Lack of proper tools. If you lack the proper tool then chances are you are not going to achieve a good result. Choosing the proper utensils is the first step towards avoiding barbecue threatening errors. (Avoid using cheap metal or plastic utensils).
  2. Mistreating your barbecue arsenal. Leaving your grill and tools exposed to the weather you are essentially asking for them to ware down. Rain, sun, snow, it doesn’t matter. You need to store them in dry places after you have cleaned them and dried them out. Again, remember you handle your food with them so be careful so your barbecue session doesn’t lead you to the hospital.
  3. Dirty grill! For a fact many people tend to clean their grill 1-2 times a year. You don’t have to be extremely methodical when doing so. just clean the burnt parts (meat, fats) and get rid of excess ash so it doesn’t become a colony of bacteria and germs. All it takes is 10 minutes.
  4. Lack of preparation! Don’t leave everything up to the last minute. Just don’t. Before you start your barbecue make sure your meat and vegetables are prepared and ready to grill. It could cause trouble to run at the last minute to chop down your tomatoes or to defrost your meat. Again it is quite important to clean your tools and grill once more.
  5. Don’t be hasty. You do have to let your grill acquire the right temperature. Gas operated or with charcoal the grill has to reach a certain level of degrees to be ready to use. (90 degrees Celsius for example is pretty much perfect if you want to slow cook your meat). if you use the barbecue before the appropriate temperature you risk losing time and actually achieving the best result in your food.
  6. Applying your sauce. i love using barbecue sauce with my meat, but as i have found the hard there is a proper way of doing that as well. If you put too much at the beginning you will end up burning the sauce and ruining the flavor of your meat. you need to use a brush and frequently add small layers as the cooking progresses.
  7. Grill to mouth. Another tip is to let the meat rest for about 10 minutes after you have removed it from the barbecue. I know! For me it is the hardest part. But trust me when i tell you that if you cut it it will dry out and lose all of its juices. If you let it rest, what you get is a mouth watering meaty and tasty bite.

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